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This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins

May 10, 2016

This Week’s Guest

Tricia Meyer (@sunshinetricia) is the owner of Sunshine Rewards, Helping Moms Connect, and other niche sites.

She frequently speaks and writes about affiliate marketing topics such as monetizing blogs, affiliate and affiliate manager relationships, and the basics of affiliate marketing.

She serves as the Executive Director for the Performance Marketing Association. She is also a partner in

Tricia has been a finalist for the Pinnacle Award for Industry Advocate and won Affiliate of the Year in 2014 and Best Blogger in 2012.

Tricia Meyer


Tricia's Twitter bio describers here as... "Lawyer, blogger, and affiliate marketer. I find fun in Disney, Steelers, and my family. Proud IU Law and Ball State alum. Owner of Sunshine Rewards."

I wanted to learn more about the real Tricia, so I asked her a variety of questions I figured she had not been asked in previous interviews.

We discussed...

  • Why she has, instead of
  • The other Tricia Meyer she battles in the SERPs
  • What she wanted to do when she was in college
  • Movies with the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Walking in the AVON 39
  • Sixlets candy
  • Singing karaoke

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